About Me

Hi, I’m Anne Joyce, purveyor of beautiful things.

Springhouse, my lovely antique shop has been a wonderful ‘excuse’ for me to explore and satisfy my diverse interests in history, nature, domestic arts, antique furniture and much more!

It all comes from the family tradition. You see, I grew up around collectors. My Grandfather was an Artist in Philadelphia. He was a set designer for the major theaters in the early part of the last century and had several warehouses of antiques from which to draw. His sons were quite famous too for the “eclectic” interiors of their extraordinary restaurants. I found it all quite enchanting.


“I spend hours researching particular makers, their life and the period they worked.”

Living in the south-eastern part of Pennsylvania with its wealth of 18th and 19th century artifacts, buildings and customs, means I have literally been steeped in all that history, social history and architecture. It has truly shaped my sensibilities and craft.

Yet of all the materials I have worked with, I ‘m most fond of woods of all sorts, and oddly enough antique cast iron. It feels so good to restore a beautiful piece back to use again then help find it a new home.

My personal collection of original early American Country Furniture served as the prototypes for many of the items we presently produce. The original finishes are still intact, and the traces of 200 year old paint help to authentically guide my craft today. I’m sure this hand’s on experience is what makes our finished furniture so special and so real.

Our reclamation work of beautifully hand-crafted furniture from 18th and 19th century Pines and hardwoods, has turned into the highly successful custom design collection called COUNTRY COOL, which we love and which our customers even named for us!

You see, for me, it’s really all about the deep passion I have for this period, the craftsmanship that is so wonderful to touch and behold and the history that was a part of the craftsmanship of that era.

I would love you to come here, touch a piece of history, enjoy the furniture and stop for a chat. You never know, you could walk away with just the thing you wanted (and maybe didn’t even know it …?)

Looking forward to meeting you,

Warmest Welcome,

Anne Joyce

“.. through my restoration work with period furniture and decorative arts, I’ve garnered a special relationship with old materials and the hands that have shaped them.”

About The Shop

GREEN has not been a fad here at SpringHouse. It’s what we do naturally.
Since 1984, we’ve offered our local community here in the sweet Brandywine Valley some very fine and special home furnishings. From the refined upholstered comforts to genuine period American 18th and 19th-century antiques… to our own line of COUNTRY COOL custom designed collection, beautifully handcrafted from reclaimed 18th and 19th century Pines and hardwoods.
We are not an internet pop-up shop. Nor are we Hobbyists.
We are now enjoying our 3rd decade here as we furnish the homes of the next generation and continue to assist the professional design community.


We keep three workshops quite busy these days as we now deliver all over the US and abroad. Authentic artisan finishes are still hand applied with natural milk paints and old style varnish oils just as before for a time-honored authentic look and feel. The Country Cool Collection is a modern country for fresh looks and practical comforts. For interesting articles on reclaimed barns and wood
see our BARNBLOG “how to buy a reclaimed wood table”

Stop by our barn or retail shop to see what we can bring to life for your home or office or use our convenient gallery and order your custom piece directly.
In addition to the “Beautiful Basics”..Farm Tables, Cupboards, Beds and chairs. We design flooring, Kitchens, Bathrooms for all sorts of special spaces.